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A Hogwarts Halloween

A bunch of wrock bands got together and recorded a Halloween compilation album to benefit the charity, the Harry Potter Alliance. The record costs $7 and it goes to a wonderful organization which can be found here http://thehpalliance.org/

Visit http://www.myspace.com/ahogwartshalloween or http://www.facebook.com/ahogwartshalloween for more info
WZRD is proud to present the 48th episode!

In this short (but sweet) episode the songs include:

Survivor (Adolescent Mix) - Danny Dementor
Parseltongue 101 - Wrackspurt!
Run (With You in the Moonshine) - Room of Whateva
Dear Ron, Love Hermione - The Sweetwater All-Stars (Until further notice, all merch profits will be donated to The National Wildlife Federation and The Gulf Restoration Network to help with the BP oil disaster . Go here for more info. )
Talk of the Final Battle, Moonaluna, tours, tours, tours, tours, and more tours!

As always if you have anything you want to hear on the show, anything wrock related you want to promote, or just want to tell us how awesome we are (just kidding!) feel free to email us at wzrdrock@gmail.com!

The big 5-0 is coming up! The ideas are already churning! Can't wait for that milestone episode! There will be teasers in episode 49. Coming soon!

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Episode 46 includes talk with Amy and Jamie, a brief Wrockstock recap, and an interview with the band Professor Filk (plus the premiere of her brand new song!)

Songs in this episode include:

Overture by Creevey Crisis
Seasonal Depression by The Whomping Willows
Phoenix Song by Professor Filk

Enjoy it! Look for us again soon with more interviews and songs! As always, if you want to get a hold of us, send an email to wzrdrock@gmail.com

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WZRD is back with episode 45! This episode join Jamie and Cole for music, news, and talk.

Songs featured include
Sonorous Love - Ministry of Magic
Meet Me on Diagon Alley - Ministry of Magic
I Open at the Close – The Sorting Hat
Ode to Luna - The Nargle Catchers
Basically the Man - The Butterbeer Experience
Like Snape – Severus and the Snapes
The Chamber - The Sectumsempras
Lily's Last Breath - The Silver Doe
Coins (Meeting in a Dream) - Hollow Godric
Kill Me Again by the Moaning Myrtles

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Look for us again soon! Hope you enjoy the episode.



TONIGHT at ~6pm EST WZRD will be live streaming with Amy and Jamie! It'll be an interview AND performance.

Check out http://bit.ly/ns64H at 6pm EST//11pm GMT for a live interview with Tonks and the Aurors



You're welcome to submit your questions to this awesome Hufflepuff rock star via Twitter (@wzrdrock) or in the chat during the show!

Episode 42

Episode 42 of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station has arrived and in a huge way! This episode has a a double-dose of interviews! Listen to find out more about Wingardium Leviosa and Deathsticks!

Music featured in this episode includes:

At the Yuleball- Electric - Neville's Diary
For Regulus - Siriusly Hazza P
Potions, Dancing, Hexing, and Romancing - Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills
Insufferable Know-It-All Hermione Granger - Gred and Forge
Locked Out (Preview Track) - Wingardium Leviosa
I Believe - (Preview Track) - Wingardium Leviosa
To the Death - Deathsticks
Dog Days - Deathsticks
Exterminate, Regenerate - Chameleon Circuit

*Disclaimer* - We reference a musical in this episode that is no longer named what it was named when we recorded the episode. It is currently gone at the moment, but the amazing, talented people who are involved with it assure that it will be back up shortly! Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/StarKidPotter for updates and news!

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We will be back soon! Enjoy the wizard rock and your month!

Episode 41

Episode 41 of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station is here! Join Amy and Jamie for a Leakycon recap and lots (and lots!) of music!

Songs featured include:

SLY in Slytherin - Swish and Flick
Being a Veela is Easy - The Parselmouths
My Dad is Rich (Bluegrass Version) - Draco and the Malfoys
Walk - The Whomping Willows
Dumbledore - Harry and the Potters
Aberforth - Tonks and the Aurors
Gryffindor Rally Cry - Ministry of Magic
Potterverse - The House of Black
Honeydukes - JFF and the Sugar Quills
When the Time Comes- Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons

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Watch out for a new episode in about a month! Enjoy!

Miss Parkinson

Hello amazing people who happen to love Wrock.

I ask a favor of you today.

I started listening to Wizard Rock about two years ago, and for about a year have tossed around the idea of creating my own wrock. Well I finally did it. Over the last month, I started my Pansy Parkinson Persona- my official "band name" is Miss Parkinson though. I've written three songs, and have posted two on my YouTube Channel.

I'm also in the process of creating my own costume and as soon as I have enough songs, I plan on recording them at a professional studio.

One major problem I've had with this endeavor, though, is getting people to view my channel.

So I ask you wonderful people to please view it, and comment. I'd love some constructive feedback.

Miss Parkinson

Thank you!

-Jaci (Miss Parkinson)
This is episode 39 of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station! March's episode marks a fairly big milestone in our history. We have been doing the podcast for 3 years now! We're so glad that we stuck with it and are still around. We love you all!

Join us for chatting, news, and music!!!

Songs featured are
Into the Night- Ministry of Magic
Quidditch is my Life - The Hufflepuffs
My Ear's not here - Gred and Forge
I'll Make It Through - The Quaffle Kids
Get Me to an Apothecary - Roonil Wazlib
So This is it - The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

Look for April's episode coming up! We'll have a special surprise in it!

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Love, The WZRD team


Whimsic Alley will be hosting a Wizard Rock concert in the Santa Monica store at the end of March.

When:  Saturday, March 28th 2009 at 5:00pm
Performing are:  The Remus Lupins and The Ministry of Magic
Where:  Whimsic Alley, 2717 1/2 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403

Admission is Free!!!

On a different, yet equally exciting note, It's EASTER BASKET TIME again!!!!!!!

Once again, Whimsic Alley is offering the best selection of Harry Potter themed Easter Baskets for the HP fans in your family (ok admit it, you want one for yourself), at the best prices!!!!!!  We have some new options this year, as well as our most popular...The Dress Up Easter Basket, where you can get everything you need for your Hogwarts School Uniform at one great low price!!!  Check them all out at www.WhimsicAlley.com  Easter is April 12th, so don't wait!